Friday, September 4, 2015

Shock of Night. Release Blitz

Shock Of Night by Bestselling Author P. Mattern
Join Hallie on a wild ride through the dark twists and turns the mental institution has in store for her. If a near lifetime of captivity hasn't eaten away at her mind, something sinister that lurks in the dark just might!

Shock of Night has been a #1 Amazon Bestseller and a Top 100 Bestseller
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Meet the Author
Author P.Mattern began composing stories while still in utero and was born with a pencil in her mouth. She wrote fantasy fiction about being married to the Beatles for her classmates in elementary school and was featured in High School and College anthologies.
One day while rereading Anne Rice she wondered what would happen if her handicapped young adult son was bitten by a vampire--would he become normal or even superabled? She began writing Book One of Full Moon Series, basing the main character Charley Rabbit on her son Jeffrey.
It wasn't until she was laid off from her professional position in the Mental Health field that the Midwestern widow had time to write down all the stories and characters she'd carried around in her head for years. Along with her daughter J.C.Estall she wrote Books One and Two of Full Moon Series, and also wrote collaboratively with her youngest son, M.Mattern. So far the family writing dynasty has written Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Full Moon Series(4 books and a companion novel, ByronChance:The Darkly Erotic Life of a Dhampir), Shock of Night, Strident House, and of the Damned, Forest of BleedingTrees,Vampire Princess, Zombiewalk, Dreams to Bare and shortreads for ezines Cabin Pressure, Holiday, and Alien Lullabye. Currently the trio is working on Full Moon Series Book 5, Andy of the Damned II, Strident House Book Two, Forest of Bleeding Trees Two, Cold World, Alien Gangster and The Widow Pink.
P.Mattern is a member of the Thriller Writers of America and is currently involved with one of her characters ("It's complicated.")

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