Sunday, September 13, 2015

Christmas in Vermont by Bryan Mooney

Received a copy from NetGalley. I really liked this book. There were a few places in the story where the story moved on but there wasn't any transition so I was confused until it became clear what the author intended. I liked the fact it was at Christmas and the basis was veterans. We need to help more! The story kept my attention and was good reading!  It made me laugh and cry, couldn't stop reading.  Nice love story and not complicated just easy reading.


In the small town of Woodstock, Vermont, Christmas means white snow and warm traditions. For ex-Marine Jack Reynolds, it’s a chance to visit home and sort out his life. He’s engaged but unhappy, his brother is missing in action, and he often thinks about Hope, the beautiful teacher who helped him survive an attack in Iraq before disappearing. Unbeknownst to Jack, Hope is in Woodstock, having sworn to visit the hometown of the man who saved her life.
A chance encounter brings Jack and Hope together once more, and they instantly feel the same deep connection that sustained them in Iraq. When a long-lost bag of Christmas cards is discovered at the local post office, the pair sets out to deliver them. As the letters bring joy around Woodstock, Jack and Hope grow closer—but misunderstandings and uncertainty come between them. Can the cozy town’s Christmas spirit help them find the courage to follow their hearts?

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