Saturday, September 5, 2015

Christmas Chocolat by Kate Defrise

Received copy from Netgalley for review. I enjoyed this book. The differences and conflicts between four siblings was well written. I like the diversity of each sibling and then the one common thread....the father and his aloftness to the four kids and how that shaped them as adults. What they wanted, the career choices, and how to be "perfect" for their father. Finding their way and some of the choices they made as adults made for interesting reading. I really liked this book.

Christmas Chocolat

Kate Defrise
Kensington Books

In this warm, engaging debut novel, four siblings make their way home, where their father, the memory of their mother, and long-held family secrets all collide just in time for Christmas
For Maggie Arnaud and her siblings, childhood Christmases meant lavish feasts and beloved rituals. The day began with hot chocolate and cougnole de Noel—the sweet, rich bread traditional in their parents' native Belgium. Those special holidays ended with their mother's death, and their father has grown more distant each year. But now, he has summoned his grown children once again. And none of them is eager to expose their imperfect lives to his scrutiny…
Jacqueline is an opera singer living in Brussels—outwardly successful but yearning for a deeper fulfillment. Near Philadelphia, cookbook writer Maggie's career and marriage are in turmoil. Colette, an aspiring clothing designer in California, lost her boyfriend and her savings in one blow. And roving younger brother Art is still searching for something—or someone. Armed with their insecurities, rivalries—and their mother's most delicious recipes—the Arnauds gather in Pennsylvania. But a good meal does more than feed the body—it awakens memories, nurtures bonds, and might even bring a family back together.
Includes classic Belgian recipes

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