Monday, August 24, 2015

Poppy the Proud by Emlyn Chand


Love this book about jealousy and acceptance. Easy to read and your kids will love it! Illustrations are awesome. Good book!
Poppy the Proud

Poppy the Proud (Bird Brain )

4.3 of 5 star
Poppy is the prettiest peacock in the entire garden, but one day his privileged existence is upset when an all-white peacock is born and promptly named the most beautiful by a smitten flock. Intensely jealous, Poppy no longer knows where he fits in and decides to reclaim his title as the fairest bird in all the land, no matter what it takes.

In a desperate attempt to regain the admiration of his peers, Poppy steals items from the humans that visit his park. He wraps himself in a beautiful silk scarf, wears a series of ornate bangles around his neck, and even tries to dye his feathers with colored dust from a festive Holi celebration. Unfortunately, each of these attempts not only fails to improve his appearance, they actually make it worse. What’s a poor bird to do?

In this compelling tale of self-esteem, pride, and learning what makes each of us special, Poppy the peacock discovers that true beauty lies beneath the feathers.

Poppy the Proud is the third in a new series of color-illustrated books for children entitled The Bird Brain Books.

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