Sunday, August 23, 2015

Maid For Love by Caroline Mickelson

I enjoyed this book. It was not my usual cup of tea but I like the message that love conquers all! Love is stronger than anything and sometimes we can't change someone or beat love! It was a quick read which I liked and was easy to follow. I liked the story and characters.

Despite the fact that her love life is a disastrous mess, Zoe Watson’s cleaning service, Maid for Love, is enjoying record profits. Her crew handles the removal of household dust and clutter, leaving Zoe free to use her special gift for memory alteration to erase her client’s painful memories. But although she can wipe the slate clean for clients, she’s had far less luck erasing the thoughts of her ex-boyfriend, Michael Archer, from her own heart.
So when she runs into Michael, and suspects he might remember her after all, she decides the best way to keep her heart safe is to get close enough to him to modify his memory, without breaking her heart. Or getting caught.

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