Monday, October 5, 2015

Five Questions of Christmas by Rob Burkhart

I enjoyed this book. Five stars! Simple stories relating back to bible references. Makes you think and wonder what it was really like back then.  It was well written and the bible references were good to make you stop and reflect. Recommend for a family to discuss or bible study or even book club! Would be interesting to get different perspectives. Received copy from NetGalley for review.


Five questions to unwrap the Christmas season and cherish its treasures all year long.
The Christmas story is well-known. We know the decorations, the family parties, the carols, the manger scene, even the familiar Scripture passages. But have you ever considered the questions of Christmas? 

Five questions spiral throughout the ancient stories surrounding Christ’s birth. These questions open the door to some of life’s great mysteries. 

By exploring questions asked by the Magi, Elizabeth, Mary, Zechariah, and the crowd witnessing the naming of John the Baptist, readers explore their own curiosities about purpose, favor, trust, justice, doubt, and promise:How can we find truth and meaning?Why is the world so unfair sometimes?Why do people have to suffer?How can we trust the unseen?How can we design the future we desire?Writing in a warm and affectionate tone, author Rob Burkhart unwraps the mystery of the questions of Christmas, revealing a different way to read the Christmas story that allows believers young and old to live its truths throughout the year.

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