Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Caillou and the Big Bully by Christine L'Heureux

Great book to read to kids about bullying. Illustrations are excellent. All parents should read this to kids as opening discussion about bullying. Revived copy from NetGalley.


Caillou is bullied at day care by a much bigger and stronger boy named Theo. Sometimes Theo uses his strength to get what he wants. Caillou is afraid of him. In this story, Caillou learns to stand up for himself and say no to bullying.

Bullying can start at a very young age and early interventions will help victimized children to feel supported and to stand up.

In this series, children will go hand in hand with Caillou to navigate their way successfully through various key developmental experiences of childhood. All books are written in consultation with early childhood specialist to ensure content accuracy.

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