Saturday, November 7, 2015

Eyes in the Mirror by Rita Ames

I liked the characters and the flow of the story. I don't like Rafe so the description of him is good. I can feel Mira's pain and feel what she does with the detail written of her. Griff is a great character. There some graphic descriptions and detail. Not for the faint of heart. The intensity in the writing is really good. I was hooked with the first words. Highly recommend. Can't wait for more. Was given ARC by author for honest review.

 A hard-hitting Crime Detective Thriller that will keep you on edge all the way through. She had been so naive to believe his words. Now all she wanted was to escape. The only issue was how to escape from one of the most feared men in London. He would never stop coming after her, that was a fact. Rafe had spent his life building his empire of drugs, clubs and extortion. It was a legacy he protected with a ruthlessness that was beyond imagining. Miranda was the final piece in his plan and he intended to keep it that way. When she ran from him, it was a matter of pride that she be found and brought back. Investigating a website which sold Identity papers, Ryder and his partner were determined to track down and arrest as many criminals as they could from the list of those who had bought new idenitities. When Mira answered the door, it was an unexpected surprise and one which led to an explosive beginning. The only problem was that with Ryder's appearance came the unveiling of her whereabouts and Rafe wanted his property returned to him. Rafe wasn't a man to be toyed with. Unaware that the noose is tightening Mira gives her heart to Ryder but someone else is also watching and waiting for his chance to pounce. Who is he and what are his intentions? The eyes in the mirror give no answer. This is the first book in the Freedom series. Book 2 is underway and will be released at the beginning of 2016. *For 18yrs plus due to scenes of graphic sex and violence in relevent parts of this book.

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