Sunday, November 15, 2015

66 Laps by Leslie Lehr

I enjoyed this book. I liked the flow of the story and how the characters develop. The concept of 66 laps was very inventive. I liked the conflict and ways that Audrey grows and reacts to events in her life. It makes you think about how we all react or think about change and changes in life. Highly recommend this book. Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.


When a ‘friend’ points out Audrey’s first gray hair, she slaps her. The sound echoes, plaguing her with insecurity as she adjusts to being home with a new baby. Then her husband mentors a younger woman at work in the back lots of Hollywood - and Audrey fears the worst. Heartbroken, Audrey sets in motion a chain of events that she cannot control. She swims laps in her backyard pool, trying to make sense of her life. But all the while she is missing the point, swimming in circles. As the tragedy unfolds, she gives up all hope. Ultimately, she finds that only love endures…and dives back in.

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