Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nurse Nate Trilogy by Brea Brown

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Book One - LET'S BE FRANK (Amazon)

Nate 1.jpgNate Bingham’s successful career as a pediatric nurse provides plenty of personal satisfaction (and an endless supply of lollipops), but at the end of every day, he comes home to an empty house. He claims he wants domestic bliss—a wife, some adorable booger-munchers, and a pooch—but so far, a picket-fence existence has eluded him. Is finding The One really that difficult, or is Nate sabotaging his own chance at happiness? When his obnoxiously perfect older brother, Nick, announces his engagement to the only woman Nate ever came close to marrying, Nate decides he’s ready to do just about anything to secure his own happily-ever-after, even if that means sliding on some skinny jeans and a pair of fake specs and tricking the chick lit reading public into believing he’s their latest overnight success. It thrills his new high-maintenance girlfriend, the real writer of the books, but her interests soon become Nate’s smallest motivator in the venture. And that’s a major complication that doesn’t fit into Nate’s tidy five-year plan.

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Book Two - LET'S BE REAL (Amazon)

  Nate 2.jpgNurse Nate Bingham’s life is finally going according to plan, after a few unexpected modifications. He has the wife, the dog, the house, the career… even a start on that brood of booger-munchers he’s always wanted. Everything is great. Too great. Then things get real. Changes at work, revelations at family get-togethers, and disappointments at home threaten Nate’s healthy outlook and force him to diagnose and take action. Unfortunately, nobody’s walking away from this treatment plan with an easy cure and a lollipop.

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Book Three - LET'S BE FRIENDS (Amazon)

Nate 3.jpgNate and Betty’s long-distance relocation has shrunk their pesky problems like specks in a rearview mirror… or so they think. But small-town life in sultry South Carolina includes its own challenges, and the Binghams soon discover their northern hometown doesn’t have the monopoly on frustrating co-workers and dysfunctional families. Add in a bit of culture shock, and the result is a thick, hilarious pot of outsider gumbo. Plus, some people—and decisions—can follow you anywhere you go, for the rest of your life.

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Brea Brown lives in Springfield, Missouri, with her husband and three sons, but her international support network stretches as far as Australia. She's an administrative assistant at an environmental consulting firm for forty hours a week and a writer all the other waking hours of the week not taken up by motherhood, wifedom, reading, and watching Netflix. (That leaves a surprisingly large number of hours, believe it or not.)  

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