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Poppy Peters Mysteries by A. Gardner

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Poppy Peters Mysteries

Meet Poppy Peters... culinary student and sleuth!

Poppy is the star of A. Gardner's #1 bestselling culinary cozy mystery series, the Poppy Peters Mysteries. She's a grade A culinary student who doesn't mind sharing a delicious recipe between her investigations. Suzy Sweet of Chef's Monthly was lucky enough to land an interview with Poppy recently and shared it with us...

Poppy Peters Mysteries Book 1 After an injury derails Poppy Peters' ballet career, she gathers the courage to follow in her grandmother's footsteps and attend Calle Pastry Academy in a small-town Georgia. Poppy has her work cut out for her not only fitting in with her charming (and not-so-charming ) Southern classmates but also proving her worth to her teachers after her first publicly humiliating attempt a making the school's famous peach pie. But Poppy's pastry problems go from bad to worse when she's suddenly accused of stealing expensive black truffles, and her attempt to clear her name goes awry...resulting in her finding a dead body instead! If Poppy's going to survive this culinary experience, she'll need to find the missing truffles and track down a killer, all while honing her baking skills to compete in the school's dessert competition for a coveted pastry internship in Paris. Can Poppy prove she's one tough cookie? Or is her life about to crumble? **Recipes included!
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CHOCOLATE MACAROONS & A DEAD GROOM Poppy Peters Mysteries Book 2 When Poppy Peters takes an internship in Paris working for a top pastry chef, she realizes that bakery life isn't all cupcakes and frosting. The sous pastry chef dislikes foreigners, her mentor only speaks French, and to top that all off she finds the groom of the wedding she's catering dead in his own backyard. But Lord Dovington wasn't just a handsome royal waiting to sweep his bride-to-be off of her feet. He was also a well-known playboy with a long line of vengeful exes. Now, as one of the prime suspects, Poppy must prove she's innocent . . . and that her recipe for chocolate macaroons isn't to blame. But the clock is ticking, and with a missing diamond, a break-in, and a hot batch of reporters on her tail, Poppy has a lot of sifting to do. Will she find the killer before she too gets baked? **Recipes Included**

BANANAS FOSTER & A DEAD MOBSTER Poppy Peters Mysteries Book 3
Reluctant sleuth Poppy Peters is back in Georgia, and her last semester of pastry school is no icing on the cake when a body is discovered at the local farmer's market, and the murder weapon has Poppy's name on it. Not to mention, the victim belonged to a deadly southern crime family. Now, Poppy is being tailed by the mafia, and it doesn't help that the school's new pastry instructor has her working with her worst rival. But after a heart-stopping car chase, a frightening discovery at an old jam factory, and a spontaneous trip to New Orleans, Poppy discovers a secret that makes her past feats look like a piece of peach pie. Poppy's chances of making it to graduation day are about to go up in flames just like her Bananas Foster. **Recipes included!**

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An interview with Poppy Peters

Suzy Sweet: Welcome to Chef's Monthly, a segment where we interview up-and-coming chef's around the country, and gather exciting new insights into the culinary world. Today I'm here with Poppy Peters who comes to us from the Calle Pastry Academy in Georgia. Poppy, tell us about yourself.
Poppy: I'm Poppy Peters, a former ballerina turned pastry chef. I'm from the Pacific Northwest so I'm constantly melting in the southern heat, but I've learned that the remedy for that is sweet tea.
Suzy Sweet: Calle Pastry Academy has been in the news a lot lately. Do you care to comment on that?
Poppy: If I did I'd have to roll you up and bake you in a pie, Suzy.
(Laughter from the audience.)
Suzy Sweet: Alright, I get the message. Moving on. Do you have a favorite dessert?
Poppy: Nothing too fancy. My grandma used make these really simple, chocolaty Brazilian truffles called brigadeiro.
Suzy Sweet: Sounds delightful. Who is your ideal sous chef?
Poppy: A woman who carries her own serving utensil around in her purse. Yes, such a person does exist. My friend Bree has the habit of baking when she's nervous, meaning she's made more chocolate layered cakes than anyone I know. She would be the perfect sous chef.
Suzy Sweet: Oh, really? I thought maybe you would choose the famous Chef Bartolo Chimenti. After all, he did teach at your school for a semester, and he's on television.
Poppy: Lots of people are on television, Suzy.
Suzy Sweet: Oh come on, is he as handsome in person as he is on his latest reality food show Bonbon Voyage?
Poppy: His Italian Pointer, Susu, has more of a personality. Oops, sometimes I blurt things out without thinking. Can you edit that part out?
Suzy Sweet: Next question. What's the most important thing you learned in pastry school?
A. Gardner is a native westerner exploring the sweet bites of the south. After years of working in the healthcare industry, she moved across the country with her husband and adventurous baby boy. She is a mystery and romance writer with a serious cupcake obsession and a love of storytelling that began at an early age. When she is not writing, she is either chasing after her son, out for a swim, trying out a new recipe, or painting her nails bright blue.
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