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Chancey Book Series



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Book One: NEXT STOP, CHANCEY (Amazon)

6531021 Looking in your teenage daughters’ purse is never a good idea. After all, it ended up with Carolina Jessup opening a Bed & Breakfast for railroad fanatics in a tiny Georgia Mountain town. Carolina knows all about, and hates, small towns. How did she end up leaving her wonderful Atlanta suburbs behind while making her husband’s dreams come true? The town bully (who wears a lavender skirt and white gloves), an endless parade of teenagers through her house, and everybody's talk about a ghost have Carolina looking for an escape, or at least a way to move back home. Instead, she''s front and center for all of Chancey's small town gossip. Unlike back home in the suburbs with privacy fences and automatic garage doors, everybody in Chancey thinks your business is their business and they all love the newest Chancey business. The B&B hosts a Senate candidate, a tea for the County Fair Beauty contestants, and railroad nuts who sit out by the tracks and record the sound of a train going by. Yet, nobody believes Carolina prefers the ‘burbs. Oh, yeah, and if you just ignore a ghost, will it go away?  


278361Inviting your ex-spouse for the holidays might not be a good idea. Especially when folks don’t know you were married before. Carolina quit her job and for the first time ever, she’s doing the holidays as a stay-at-home mom. And doesn’t all that extra time mean everything will be perfect? Then the RV showed up. The RV with her parents, their dogs, and their obsession with Gone with the Wind. Then the college kids showed up. Their whirlwind left an empty refrigerator, loads of laundry, and a girl. A girl no one seems to know much about. Then the other grandparents showed up. Hillbilly Hank on his book tour of Southern retirement homes brings his entourage, along with a special kind of marital discord. While the town of Chancey watches the happenings up on the hill at the B&B, they are also trying to figure out the town’s bank account. Laney is the town’s treasurer, but she’s not answering questions. Missus has ordered 500 fake cardinals for her Christmas Ball. Peter is settling back into his home town and watching the B&B for his own personal reasons. All the secrets aren’t in boxes tied with ribbons and bows. Family Ties come undone with Family Lies


Book Three: DERAILED IN CHANCEY (Amazon)

.facebook_1459334319058.jpgCarolina's in-law's marriage didn't survive the holidays visiting in her and Jackson's new home in Chancey, Georgia. Now both families have left, but she's not sure how much longer she'll still be in the small town. She knew moving teenagers from the Atlanta suburbs to a small Georgia mountain town last year was a horrible idea. She knew opening a B&B for railfans was an even worse plan. What she didn't know, was that her marriage might not survive what was beginning to feel like an honest to goodness train wreck. Oncoming headlights aren't only aimed at her family, the town of Chancey is being set up for a collision that could change everything. And as that unfolds, Carolina's husband Jackson is smack dab in the middle of it all, his hand on the throttle, going full steam ahead. Drama unfolds on the high school stage, but it can't match the drama happening right in Chancey when everything is suddenly on the line. Yet even in the midst of change and heartache, a small town must keep it's sense of humor, and you can count on Chancey to be able to laugh at itself!

MeetTheAuthor 5566105 "A new voice in Southern Fiction" is how a recent reviewer labels Kay Dew Shostak's debut novel, "Next Stop, Chancey". After being raised in a small-town in Tennessee, Kay lived around the country in a variety of settings. Taking a look at the familiar and loved from new perspectives led Kay to see, and then write about, the absurd, the beautiful, and the funny in her South. After publishing several stories in compilation books and spending a few years in journalism, Kay wandered into writing fiction and found it hard to leave. She currently is working on the fourth book in the Chancey series and living in Fernandina Beach, Florida with her husband.

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