Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fallout: A Sam Jameson Espionage and Conspiracy Thriller (Sam Jameson Espionage and Conspiracy Thriller Series Book 6) by Lars Emmerich

I love the intrigue! The characters and their interaction is well done. These books bring a new insight to how law enforcement may work without devulging secrets! I like the flow of the story and the page by page waiting to find out how it is going to end! I highly recommend. Given the book for honest review.

"This is the best writing in decades. Move over, Lee Child."

"Lars Emmerich is right up there with Patterson, Baldacci, Forsyth, and DeMille."

"Some of the best action and spy thriller fiction you will ever read."

Special Agent Sam Jameson's friend and colleague was just murdered in Budapest. It falls to Sam to clean up the mess.

Unsavory, but routine.

Until she discovers she's being followed. And before she can make heads or tails of the situation, she's fighting for her life, alone and outgunned in a strange city.

As Sam claws her way through a ruthless and brutal cabal, she discovers that she's up against one of the most dangerous conspiracies in history.

Fallout is a transcontinental thrill ride full of twists, turns, and pulse-pounding suspense.

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